Monthly Archives: July 2002

floor and building

I had originally meant to leave Beijing on the Friday after I arrived, but when I went to the main train station on Thursday to pick up a ticket, I was told that all the tickets had been sold, and that the next available ticket was for Saturday afternoon, and yingzuo. Yingzuo means “hard seat,” […]

bar street

Hey, kids. I’m travelling around ’til the middle of August. I might be able to post before then, but I wouldn’t count on it if I were you. So behave yourselves, huh? See y’all in 3 weeks. My cell phone number is (011 +86) 13 94 509 5424, A call – at any time – […]

license to wench

The Qinghuayuan Hotel in Beijing’s Haidian district, where my friend Karen booked a room for me, has a Service Guide booklet which advises its readers as follows, in Chinese and English: 1. In case of renting rooms, the guests shall submit valid credentials, complete the housing registration form, enter the rooms by the housing card, […]

the top of the rollercoaster

I leave Philadelphia at 11:00 Friday morning. From there, I fly to San Francisco, where I’ll spend the night at Ernie’s place before flying out to Beijing. I’ll stay in Beijing for five days or a week, then catch the train up to Harbin, where I’ll drop some of my stuff off at my apartment, […]