Monthly Archives: October 2002

minus forty

While I was travelling around during the summer, whenever I happened to mention to a Chinese person that I’d be living in Harbin for a year, they’d look shocked. “Aiyo. You know, it’s really cold there in the winter. It gets down to–” “Minus 40,” I’d interrupt. “I know.” I didn’t know then, of course; […]


NOTE: I wrote this immediately after it happened, over two months ago, and now that I read over it, it looks like total fiction. All I can say is that this is the complete and whole truth, and that despite my general tendency to be full of shit, you will find not a word of […]

further technical difficulties

OK: I’m back from Beijing, and there will be a long and highly entertaining entry later on about how everything there went wrong in exactly the right way later on. In the meantime: I came back to Harbin to find that (a) it’s freezing and I can see my breath in my apartment; (b) the […]