Monthly Archives: December 2002

holidays (part 2)

(continued from the previous entry) So we knew not to go to Blue’s for dinner on Christmas Eve. That left us with something of a quandary: should we go to the Holiday Inn (the only other game in town for Western food) and pay extortionate prices for a set meal? Or should we do nothing? […]

holidays (part 1)

We were all really looking forward to Thanksgiving. Blue’s Western Restaurant was advertising* an “authentic home-style Thanksgiving dinner,” and the prospect of turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce – oh, god, cranberry sauce! – was just too tempting to resist. So we all met up – Adam, Ben, Blake, Daniel, Natasha, and I – at […]

for international friendship

I think it was Mark Salzman who coined the term “language rapist.” Anyway, that’s exactly the right phrase; it happens all the time here. I will be eating dinner or looking through CDs in a store or walking down the street when suddenly someone comes up and informs me that he very likes to practice […]

national day (part 2)

It was a nice, clean, modern sleeper bus – two tiers of bunks ran in three rows along the length of it. There were lights, so that you could read, and curtains, so that you could sleep, and a bathroom at the back. Every few bunks, there were little flatscreen TVs. Unlike on trains, the […]

national day (part 1)

Let me start off by saying that I like Harbin a lot: it’s a nice, laid-back city, full of usually-friendly people* who communicate in a crystal-clear accent. It’s completely unlike any other place in China that I know of. There’s no real history in Harbin. Before the end of the nineteenth century, it didn’t even […]