Monthly Archives: May 2003

around the sun

A more substantial entry – with photos! – about my party, which was fun and random in almost every way, may come later. For now, though: As of today, my teen ears are behind me, and good riddance to most of ’em. As of today, I can legally get married in China, should I be […]

school and art projects

I never liked art class when I was in school. It always just seemed to me that one could only make so many collages; could only have one’s parents help with so many dioramas; could only get into so many arguments with one’s teacher over whether or not creativity was something that could be taught. […]

'my cough is productive!'

At least on the surface, people are relaxing more and more here. There aren’t as many masked faces in the street anymore, and despite a constant barrage of banners, posters, pamphlets, war-rhetoric slogans,* and public-service announcements about “improving personal hygeine to battle an epidemic situation” on the radio, people have gone back to hawking and […]

15 seconds of fame

A more substantial update will be coming tomorrow, but in the meantime, anybody in the Bay Area who happened to be listening to the program Forum on KQED today (or tonight, by my time) would’ve heard an excerpt from my email regarding Berkeley’s decision to turn away students from SARS-infected countries. I’m more or less […]

sars diary

It is the start of April when I hear from a friend that a case of SARS has been found in Harbin. It’s rumour-mill stuff, of course; the papers don’t report it, it’s not on the news, and there is most certainly no official mention of it. But Adam, Ben, and Sirena’s school posts a […]