Monthly Archives: June 2003

oral exams

Classes are all over, and I’m just giving the kids their evening classes and oral exams now. I’m done with the first and second-graders, so now I’m interviewing the kids with higher levels of English, and I’m having a lot more fun. Here are some remarks from the paper I wrote the kids’ exam scores […]


Fuck! Fuck fuck FUCK! My knucles hurt from punching the wall. My throat hurts from the half-hour or so I spent shouting obscenities into a pillow. This goes far beyond ordinary annoyance. It is somewhere between anger and heartbreak. Here I was thinking that since this was my next-to-last week of daytime classes, and since […]

six-four, double-five, and loving one's country

Duanwujie, the Dragonboat Festival, is also sometimes called the “Double-Five,” because it occurs on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month of every year. Thie year, it fell on June 4 of the solar calendar – yesterday. Since I had to make up a class for the fifth-grade students yesterday, and since I hate […]