Monthly Archives: July 2003

exit brendan

Updates will come when I get home, but for now: – I leave Harbin tomorrow – Tuesday, July 22. – I’ll be going to Beijing by train. – I’ll be apartment-hunting in Beijing – specifically, in the Haidian district, near the Beijing University and Qinghua University campuses. – and on July 27, I’ll – hopefully […]

…as must all bad things

(NOTE: This was written on June 27, the Friday before last.) I taught my last real day of classes today. After this, I have two make-up lessons on Monday, and another week or two of evening classes. Then it’s home for a while, and then, assuming that I can get some problems with my application […]

july fourth

The net connection is down at my apartment; someone (i.e., me) forgot to pay the DSL bill. Several long updates are coming, once I get ‘net acces again. In the meantime, a belated happy Fourth of July to my American readers. I observed Independence Day in a bar near the Harbin Institute of Technology with […]