Monthly Archives: November 2003

The Donkey-Riding Beauty on Chang'an Road (part 1)

Note: this is the first part of my translation of 长安大道上的骑驴美人 (Chang’an Dadao Shang de Qi Lu: Meiren) by 莫言 (Mo Yan). The next installments will follow soon, and then the whole translation will show up as one big post in the archives. A bit of background: Mo Yan is the pen-name of Guan Moye, […]

on searching and not finding

If you go around Beijing – well, any city in China, I guess, but especially Beijing, where construction is upcoming, ongoing, and ubiquitous – you’ll see the character chai, painted in white, marked on a lot of buildings. Chai is composed of “hand” plus a phonetic element which means “repel, reject,” and it means “destroy, […]