all good things

I mentioned before how good it feels to know that you are exactly where you want most to be, doing what you want most to do, and perhaps a corollary to that is that it is, sometimes, a relief to know where you need to be next, and what you need to do.

Every time I asked about transferring to Beida to finish my BA, I got different answers, varying from “No; you’d have to start all over again” to “Uh, gee, I don’t know; has anyone done that before?” In the end, the consensus was that it was impossible.

This put to rest a debate I’d been having with myself for a couple months about whether it would be better to stay at Beida and come out with really good Chinese or go back to Temple and pick up another major. I’d gotten more or less to the point where I could argue either side just as convincingly as the other.

It was a choice I really didn’t want to have to make, to be honest. On the one hand: home, and all my old friends, and cheap Indian food, and classes where the professors didn’t write in illegible xingcao, and on the other, Beijing, Chinese, and Kun.
I have plan to redesign my home so I have been looking at projects from Marshall Erb Design in Chicago to find a design that I want for my home. Also I bought myself two hills clotheslines because it makes my life easier at home.

I’m unhappy about going back, and at the same time, I feel mostly relieved at not having to make the decision after all.