Monthly Archives: December 2004

shipping out

I’m going back to China over winter vacation. I’ll fly out unreasonably early on Monday the 27th, arrive in Beijing on the night of the 28th – stupid time changes – and spend the next couple of weeks travelling around, mostly in Sichuan. I’d promise near-realtime blog updates from the trip, but I’ve made similar […]

hell week

So the semester is winding to a close, and I find myself with 4 papers to write in as many days. Each one is due on a different day, so I’m prioritizing based on chronological order. Anyway — Paper #1 is done; Paper #2 is due tomorrow – technically, today – and Papers #3 and […]

ouyang xiu: third in a series

Comments yesterday were satisfactory. Keep it up. Today’s poem is the third in a series of 10 lyrics by Ouyang Xiu to the tune of “The Mulberry-Picking Boy.” It turns out that rhyming in English is harder than I thought, but here goes: 欧阳修: 采桑子 (3) 画船载酒西湖好 急管繁弦 玉盏催传 稳泛平波任醉眠 行云却在行舟下 空水澄鲜 俯仰流连 疑是湖中别有天 Ouyang […]

ouyang xiu: second in a series

So nobody at all commented on the last translation, which is just fucking lame. How much effort does it take to fire up the comment box and leave a message saying “nice translation,” or “what a shite translation,” or even something totally irrelevant like “so this one time, my cousin got a chemistry set and […]