Monthly Archives: September 2005


I’m back in Beijing. Have a new cellphone number, but I’m fucked if I can remember it at the moment — will post it up here once I get it. UPDATE: It’s 1355-240-9508. Currently at Xihai, my favorite place in Beijing, looking for apartments to rent. Am incredibly jazzed to be back. Even minor annoyances […]

jon and rebecca

I’ll be moving back to Beijing on 9/25, and there’ll be more posts about that in due course. My friends Jon and Rebecca were married today at the Art Alliance, off of Rittenhouse Square. Here’s the speech I gave, as well as I can remember it: I’ve known Jon since preschool, since we were in […]

what's new

So since mid-July, I’ve been putting together the Philadelphia Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival for the Philly-based group Asian Americans United. It’s eating me alive at the moment, but I promise that there’ll be updates starting next week, after this thing is over. In the meantime, people in the Philadelphia area might want to come check it […]