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So obviously I haven’t been updating much recently. Insert standard “I’ve been awful busy with work / side projects / taking on freelance work at insultingly low pay” boilerplate here. One of the things that I’ve been busying myself with is my weekly column in Chinese for the 珠海特区报 Zhuhai News. They don’t seem to […]

in which Brendan is more prolific in his second language than his first

Have restarted my Chinese blog (“在北京找不着北”) at I’d been planning to wait and do everything with a big complicated multi-subdomain ExpressionEngine setup, but early attempts at that revealed it to be harder than I’d thought, and my editor suggested that I “hurry up” and “get the blog online already,” so there it is. Right […]

Mama, don't let your children grow up to be translators.

Pulling an all-nighter on a truly awful tour guide to Dali. Rush job for a woman who claims to be SL’s friend; SL told me about the job like this: “That bitch I used to work with? She has two books she wants translated, and asked me to ask you, but don’t do it, OK? […]

The Eight Hots and the Eight Nots

From Xinhua English comes my favorite sentence of the day: “How could that boiler be a cremation furnace?” Zhang refuted. (For what it’s worth, I think this article is probably true – there’s no evidence supporting the claims that the Chinese government has an anti-FLG concentration camp at Sujiatun. I’ve dealt with the Epoch Times/Far-Loon […]

Last night: Chris (to Matt): I’m getting seriously tired of Brendan. I read somewhere today that the Mayan calendar says the world’s going to end in 2012, and I’m thinking I’ll impress him, so I ask, “So what do you know about the Mayan calendar?” And he’s like, “Not much – 60-year cycles, says the […]

This week’s Chinese-language column will be about my (thus far unfruitful) efforts to pick a new Chinese name. I had originally planned to write something about leaving Philadelphia – basically, a Chinese version of a post I’ve been meaning to write on for the last 6 months – but have decided to put this […]