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in which Brendan is more prolific in his second language than his first

Have restarted my Chinese blog (“在北京找不着北”) at I’d been planning to wait and do everything with a big complicated multi-subdomain ExpressionEngine setup, but early attempts at that revealed it to be harder than I’d thought, and my editor suggested that I “hurry up” and “get the blog online already,” so there it is.

Right now it’s just the columns I’ve written for the 珠海特区报, many of which I did more or less at the last minute, resulting in lameness. The last few are pretty funny, I think, starting with 正名. 跟着学 is based on what I can remember of the speech I gave at Beida a couple of years ago for their 留学生演讲比赛; I’ve heard reports that they’re actually using video of the speech for teaching materials, which is truly mortifying since I wasn’t (and amn’t) very good.

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