Monthly Archives: August 2006

尴尬病毒 Embarrassing Ailments

I finally went about setting up a flickr account, and this was the first thing I uploaded — a poster advertising “painless, non-scarring circumcision” that’s been going up in public toilets all over the place lately. I meant to scan this and translate it for Danwei a couple of months ago, but dragged my ass […]

Ruminations (whining)

I got offered a job on a reality TV show for Hunan Satellite TV through my Chinese blog today, and turned it down. I’m the only Chinese-speaking foreigner I know who’s been in China for more than 5 minutes and not been on TV, and I figure that I may as well maintain my indie […]

Thoughts on SARFT

Busy, stressful week. Quick thought: SARFT – the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, or 广电局 for those in the know – is, like most if not all Chinese governmental organs, absolutely terrified of any change whatsoever in the status quo. Anything that might represent any loss to SARFT’s position as the Kings of […]

Kerson Huang's 'Rubaiyat'

I read somewhere or other online that Kerson Huang (黄克孙), better known as a physicist (and translator/commentator on the Yijing) had translated, while an undergraduate, Fitzgerald’s translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam into classical-style 七绝 qijue (seven-character regulated verse in end-stopped lines). His translation was apparently highly praised by Qian Zhongshu, himself no slouch […]


I remember one of the things that I really enjoyed when I was still actively studying Chinese (as opposed to “learning by osmosis,” or being lazy, which is more or less all I do anymore) was finding new characters that were just flat-out cool. Wenlin helped with this, since its character dictionary has got all […]