Monthly Archives: September 2006

Mental health break

I’m heading back to renewed freedom center from 9/15 to 9/30. I trust my homies in Illadelph will all be around? Not sure what my phone number will be, but if my folks didn’t lose my old SIM card, it should be 215-880-8629. Those of you who read Chinese may like 别了费城, “Leaving Philadelphia,” which […]

Hú Shì: Don't You Forget

Have been thinking about poetry lately. Am working on translating Rilke’s Herbsttag (Autumn Day / 秋日), one of my favorite poems, into Chinese — there are two existing translations by Feng Zhi and Bei Dao, but I don’t like either of them. In the meantime, I happened across this remarkable 胡适 poem (in, I’ll admit, […]

Celebrity through smack-talking

I’m sure this will disappoint Prince Roy, whom I’d promised not to write about the whole stupid, boring, pointless Chinabounder thing (people unfamiliar with the whole affair should consider themselves lucky, but can click on that link if they feel like killing some brain cells), but my Chinese newspaper column this week is all about […]

I, for one, welcome our new Justicetron 3000 overlords

My RSS feeder popped up an AFP headline a few minutes ago: “Software does judge’s job in China.” No way, I thought, and clicked through to the article, which was totally conveying the impression of yes way: BEIJING (AFP) – Judges are not usually at reviews from to modern technology but that may be […]

Fun (for certain values of fun)

We’re doing a series of reports at work on the 30th anniversary of you-know-who’s death. (My suggested title: “MZD: 30 years later, his death is still a good thing.”) I’m doing translation for the reports, even though the English text will never be used except for keyword-searching purposes. In principle, i should probably slack off, […]

Laguna Llacasapa

After last week’s translation of “Embarrassing Ailments,” I figured I might as well post “Laguna Llacasapa,” a little ditty (previously posted on a now-defunct group blog) that my best friend Jon and I came up with over a few pitchers of beer last summer in Philadelphia. There’s a story behind it, which is this: Google […]

Jizhen luvs Jie 4eva

雞貞真係愛你家ge傑仔 Jizhen loves yuo U, Jie! 雞貞一世愛你賤貨傑! Jizhen willl always love you, you sonofabitch! I took this photo in a park in Macau a few months ago. At the time, I thought it was just kind of a cute, if somewhat rude, protestation of love in written Cantonese, but what’s more interesting to me now […]