Monthly Archives: October 2006

Deutsche Welle Weblog Awards: Don't vote for the talking dog

I just found out via Technorati pingback that my Chinese blog, 在北京找不着北, has been nominated in the “Best Chinese Blog” category in the Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards. I’m not sure who nominated me, or when — I didn’t get any notification of this — but it’s very flattering indeed. The blog is currently in […]

Reasons I'm glad not to be a farmer in late Ming-dynasty Shaanxi, #603

From Ma Maocai’s 1629 (崇祯二年) memorial report to the Chongzhen Emperor, 《备陈大饥疏》”A Narration of the Great Famine.” Translation mine; original text (courtesy of David) below the cut. Corrections/comments welcome, as my classical Chinese is rusty. (Some corrections made, thanks to the Foolish Old Man of the Granite Studio, whose recent post on Hua Guofeng filled […]

brief announcements

1: 全聚德 Quanjude makes a pretty good duck. Had never been there before. 2: 五粮液 Wuliangye is the least-objectionable baijiu I’ve ever been forced to drink. I could actually picture somebody potentially enjoying it. It tastes less like PVC and paint thinner than all other forms of baijiu, and is 104 proof. 3: My little […]

there and back again (1)

I think it was Douglas Adams who said that there’s no language on Earth with the expression “as beautiful as an airport.” Not all airports are bad, I guess. Belfast Airport used to have a nice little breakfast place. Vancouver Airport seemed OK the one time I was there. Heathrow is awful and soul-crushing, but […]