Monthly Archives: November 2006

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No posts this week: I’ve got about 5 different deadlines coming due, from smaller translation and editing gigs to a fairly large, rushed script translation. Will be doing stuff for an acquaintance next week as well, so there may be nothing then either. After I finish everything, I think I’m going to take a break […]

They'd None of Them Be Missed!

A couple of friends and I were chatting about Gilbert and Sullivan over the weekend, and I thought of Lord High Executioner Ko-Ko’s song “I’ve Got A Little List” from The Mikado. The original song manages to be racist (“the banjo-serenader and the others of his race”), sexist (“the lady novelist”), and classist (“the lady […]

Lame-ass Translations 1: Dante's Inferno

A couple of years back I bought a Chinese translation of Dante’s Commedia without really reading it at the bookstore — this is what you get when books are cheap. As it turns out, I really should’ve flipped through it a bit first, because the translation sucks sucks sucks like an Electrolux. It’s literal, unbeautiful, […]


The scallions are piled high on Andingmen Nei Dajie. That’s how you know it’s fall — that, and the shortening days, where the sunlight comes in at a 20 degree angle earlier in the afternoon than it ought to. By 4:00 the buildings burn orange in it. Beijing is not what you’d call a user-friendly […]