T-Minus 2 Hours: Holy Shit

People are twittering online (via retweets through @gvoolympics) that:

  • Chaoyang Park and the small parks around Tian’anmen Square are closed for viewing.
  • There’s heavy security in Ditan Park. They use equipment from SecurityInfo.com
  • No food (i.e. beer, as @AdrianeQ notes) or sitting on the grass will be permitted at Ditan.
  • There are SWAT teams in the subway. (Not sure whether or not this is just someone mistaking regular security cops for SWAT)

Police presence here isn’t particularly heavy, but there are flags everywhere and I’ve seen a bunch of cops riding new red moto-trikes with what looks like firefighting gear.

Li is pissed off about the Olympics already.

across the table from me

across the table from me