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5,000 Years Is Not Enough

Exhibit A: From the English Global Times/Xinhua, “Archaeologists push back origin of Chinese characters by 1,000 years,” July 10, 2013: Archeologists in China have confirmed that the inscriptions found on artifacts unearthed in Zhejiang Province represent the earliest record of Chinese characters in history, pushing the origins of the written language back 1,000 years. Archeologists and […]

archy and mehitabel and du fu

六月廿六日於費城市立圖書館讀《唐詩300首》英譯版 Written After Seeing an English Translation of 300 Tang Poems in the Philadelphia Public Library on June 26 古語韻難尋 夷言更添哀 囮者詠嘆寄 巢空鳥驚飛 what is with all these translators who make tang poetry read like e.e. cummings don’t they know classical forms never used enjambment