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T-Minus 2 Hours: Holy Shit

People are twittering online (via retweets through @gvoolympics) that: Chaoyang Park and the small parks around Tian’anmen Square are closed for viewing. There’s heavy security in Ditan Park. No food (i.e. beer, as @AdrianeQ notes) or sitting on the grass will be permitted at Ditan. There are SWAT teams in the subway. (Not sure whether […]

T-Minus 5 Hours: Crowded and Grey

CCTV 5 — sorry, ‘CCTV Olympic’ or whatever they’re calling themselves — is broadcasting a succession of reporters standing in front of the Bird’s Nest stadium and pontificating into the camera about the Olympic Green, which registers behind them as a murky, greenish grey color, sort of like a cowpat that’s been out in the […]

1 Day: Crowds at Tian'anmen

Thoughts on the Olympics and the ways in which I’ve collided with it will come in later posts, I’m sure. For now, here’s some footage I shot around Qianmen and [Unnamable?] Square north of there this evening. Sound quality is lousy and transitions are jumpy because I edited in iMovie, which is the worst Apple […]

64 Days: 19 Years

Benefit concert for Sichuan earthquake

For Beijing readers: There’ll be a benefit concert at Mao Livehouse tomorrow night from 8:30 on. The Verse, Sand (a fun talking blues-style band), Rando(m), and IC Girlband are playing. Tickets are 50 kuai. Spread the word. Mao is on the north side of Gulou Dong Dajie, about halfway between Jiaodaokou and the Drum Tower, […]

88 Days: Portents (Listen to the Suckhole)

I have no luck at all with earthquakes. Philadelphia is a stubbornly immobile city and has been since the Jurassic or so, my brief time in San Francisco wasn’t spiced up by even the faintest tremor, and when a small earthquake hit Beijing a couple of years ago, I slept straight through it. I was […]

92 Days: We're All Fucked

A while ago I had an idea for a series of bumper stickers about Eastern philosophy — all variations on the theme of “We’re All Fucked.” (Note: not accurate, particularly in the glossing of Mo-Tzu’s 兼爱.) For example: Buddhism: We’re All Fucked pray for oblivion Taoism (Lao-Tzu): We’re All Fucked don’t let them know they’re […]

98 Days: Bollocks

As mentioned yesterday, Li and I went to see The Forbidden Kingdom, the new Jet Li/Jackie Chan movie. It did have a couple of saving graces — the fight scene between Jackie Chan and Jet Li is absolutely worth the price of admission; the slapstick scenes in which Jet Li and Jackie Chan fight by […]

99 Days: And All That Mighty Heart

It’s spring, and less grittily so than usual. Not that the air is clean, of course, but the days are warming and lengthening, and the skies are blue or something like it, and we appear to be in the middle of Beijing’s spring allotment of nice days. Li and I went out to a late […]

The best Thursday ever

Yesterday was the best Thursday ever. Consider: After what felt like years but was actually years, I finally got my BA from Temple University. Cum laude, even, which was a pleasant surprise since I would’ve expected something more like pedicabo et irrumabo (my Latin is probably wrong there) . This wouldn’t have been possible without […]