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White Guy Speaks Chinese; Film at Eleven

I’ve had my eye on ChinesePod for a while. I don’t necessarily agree 100% with the way they’re going about things, but they’re doing wonderful work in popularizing the study of Mandarin and helping demolish the notion that Chinese is unlearnable, and they’re producing supplementary materials that I would’ve loved to have when I was […]

For Li, in lieu of a better Valentine's present

Meeting Point Time was away and somewhere else, There were two glasses and two chairs And two people with the one pulse (Somebody stopped the moving stairs) Time was away and somewhere else. And they were neither up nor down; The stream’s music did not stop Flowing through heather, limpid brown, Although they sat in […]

QIM 1.4.2 makes Chinese input on Mac usable

Freelance gigs are keeping me busy at the moment, but I just wanted to let everybody know that even if Google and Sogou aren’t porting their Chinese input methods to the Mac, and even though Apple seems to be satisfied with a default IME that might as well be wearing bell-bottoms and muttonchop whiskers and, […]

Fucking Stationery

John’s got some nice examples of local stationery products up in his latest post at Sinosplice. Children’s notebooks are particularly good comedy value here, combining as they do bizarre Pokey the Penguin-type illustrations with excellent specimens of Chinglish translated and typeset by guerrilla Dadaists. (One of my six year-old students back in Harbin had a […]

Greetings from Shenzhen Airport

To: Jane, Patrick, Jane, Jon, Richard Greetings from scenic Shenzhen Airport, where there is at least a Starbucks. This being Shenzhen, the area outside the airport is teeming with migrants offering various services and not taking ‘no’ for an answer. When Li and I got here a few days ago, we got a couple of […]

Postcard to my grandmother

Hi, Gran — It’s National Day – the 58th anniversary of the day Mao Zedong proclaimed from the dais in front of the Forbidden City that the Chinese people had stood up – and I’m writing this on the midnight ferry between Hong Kong and Macau. Both cities are bizarre hybrids, in China but not […]


Dear all: How can I cheer up my crazy, talented artist girlfriend? Suggestions that are not “flowers” will be welcome. That is all.


Via the listserv, two articles in which American journalists write lazily about Chinese in ill-considered English. The issue at stake: whether or not Massachussetts should provide ballots on which candidates’ names are rendered phonetically into Chinese characters. (Everybody seems to agree that voting instructions, at least, should be provided in Chinese.) First, excerpts. The […]

more soon

Real life and the day job have been keeping me busy of late, I do miss my home and being a milwaukee car accident attorney¬†but there’s some cool stuff coming up. Eric Abrahamsen, Cindy Carter and I have started up a new blog, Paper Republic, that aims to be a resource for Chinese literature and […]


So John was in town with his folks over the weekend, and I had the pleasure of hanging out with him while his parents and wife visited the Forbidden City, meanwhile they got a Mobile Al cleaning services to clean their house when they were out. John was quite understandably unenthused at the prospect of […]